You’re working to fill an open position on your team and you’ve received at least one application from a more mature worker. Since you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be interested in the job, you might be inclined to write them off — but don’t do that just yet.

Seasoned professionals apply for entry-to-mid-level jobs for a variety of reasons. Simply excluding them from consideration because you pictured someone less experienced in the role can cause you to miss out on a seriously amazing employee. Here’s a look at what more experienced workers have to offer.

4 Benefits of Considering Seasoned Talent

They Can Mentor Other Employees

Older workers have a strong knowledge base gained from decades in the workforce. This will allow them to excel at their job and be a huge asset to the team as a whole. They’ll be able to mentor younger employees who look up to them and want to learn from them. These lessons can only be imparted by someone with vast industry experience, making them invaluable.

They’re Not Trying to Climb The Ladder

It can feel suspect when an experienced professional applies for a job they’re clearly overqualified for, but it likely just means they know what they want. They might be seeking a more low-pressure role or just trying to return to their roots and hold a job they’re truly passionate about. Either way, you probably don’t have to worry about them elbowing their way up the ladder because they’re content where they are.

They’re Notably Loyal

Unfortunately, it can be hard for older workers to find a great new job. Professionals in this situation might’ve been seeking new opportunities for a while, so they’ll be extra appreciative you decided to go with them. Unlike younger workers who often have one eye focused on their next big opportunity, seasoned workers are often looking for stability. Therefore, they’ll probably be much more loyal than the average employee.

They’re Often More Flexible

As you’re aware, work doesn’t always fit into standard business hours. Sometimes getting the job done means asking employees to arrive early, work late, or come into the office on a weekend. Younger employees are often unable to display this kind of flexibility. Experienced employees can make it easier to meet tight deadlines and adapt to other client needs.


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