Your amazing team is the company’s best asset. These talented professionals work hard every day and you’re grateful for them — so retaining them is a top priority.

Right now they seem happy and you want to put measures in place to keep it that way. Here are a few ideas to help decrease the chances they would consider seeking employment elsewhere.

5 Ways to Retain Top Talent


Offer Enticing Benefits

Perks should never be the main reason an employee works for your company, but they do make a difference. From 100% paid health insurance premiums to paid gym memberships and a dog-friendly workplace, the benefits you offer can seriously improve employees’ quality of life.

If you’re not sure what benefits they want most, conduct a survey to find out. Implement as many as possible to keep them satisfied and make them feel valued.

Provide Flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic proved just how adaptable many employers could be. Increased remote work capabilities and flexible hours to accommodate personal responsibilities like homeschooling kids quickly became a must.

Life is slowly returning to normal, but that doesn’t mean the flexibility you’ve been offering employees needs to end. Continue to be as accommodating as possible with both work hours and telecommuting options to allow people to enjoy a solid work-life balance.

Recognize Outstanding Efforts

You’ve probably grown accustomed to your employees doing outstanding work, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be celebrated. When someone goes the extra mile, make a point to acknowledge their efforts and thank them for their contributions. Praise from the boss makes people feel both seen and appreciated, increasing their level of job satisfaction.

Invest in Them

The best and brightest employees have a hunger for knowledge. These people enjoy their jobs and want to keep their skills up to date. Show them they’re part of your company’s long-term plan by providing regular training opportunities. Bring trainers into the office, send them to conferences, and offer complimentary access to online courses.

This will keep them engaged in their work and make them feel grateful to be employed by a company that values continuing education.

Give Employees Room to Grow

You can’t expect top talent to stay in the same jobs forever. No matter how much employees enjoy being part of your team, they won’t stay long-term if you can’t offer growth opportunities that fit their career trajectory.

Meet with each team member individually to learn more about their career goals for the future. Let them know there will always be a place for them to advance at your company, even if you have to carve out a new position for them.


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