You’re ready to hire and you’re not willing to settle for anything but the best. The importance of finding top talent cannot be emphasized enough, but you’re not sure how to entice them.

Since they have their choice of employers, you have to take things up a notch to appeal to the best and brightest candidates. Your competition is pulling out all stops to do the same, so here’s some advice to help make your company a place they can’t resist.

4 Tips to Score Top Talent

Speed Up Your Hiring Process

The best candidates are in demand, so you have to move quickly with them. If your hiring process is notably slow, there’s a very good chance they’ll be scooped up by another company in the interim.

Avoid this by carefully evaluating your hiring process and taking steps to eliminate any roadblocks causing slowdowns. For example, you might consolidate interviews with different team members into one day — instead of multiple — to streamline the process.

Offer a Flexible Working Arrangements

Millions of people were forced to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic and many don’t want to go back to the office — at least on a full-time basis. If you’re able to offer at least partial remote work, you’ll appeal to talented professionals searching for this type of work arrangement. This setup isn’t possible with every position — or with all companies — but if you have the capacity to make it happen, you’ll attract better candidates.

Provide Regular Learning Opportunities

The best candidates are at the top of their game because they’re committed to continuous improvement. These ambitious professionals value employers who offer frequent growth opportunities, so create a culture of learning. Depending on what your budget allows, you can send employees to conferences, provide free access to online courses, or schedule monthly lunch and learns to keep their skills sharp.

Give Great Perks

If given the choice between two otherwise equal jobs, you can’t blame top talent for choosing the company with better perks. People value things like 100% paid health insurance premiums, childcare assistance, a dog-friendly workplace, and generous vacation time. If you’re not sure which perks to offer, survey current employees to find out what people really want.


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