You’re searching for a new job, but so far, you’re hearing crickets. This is discouraging and actually a bit surprising because you know you have a lot to offer a potential employer.

Since your resume is the first impression you make, there’s a good chance this is the problem. If you’re missing important skills employers want, it’s possible keyword scanning software is casting your resume aside before it even hits the hiring manager’s desk.

Take another look at your resume, and if the following skills are missing, brush up on them so you can start including these important abilities.

4 Skills That Will Boost Your Resume


In most jobs, no two days are the same. Some can actually be pretty chaotic, so managers want to hire a candidate who will step up and think creatively to solve problems. It’s possible you already have this soft skill and just didn’t realize it’s something that should be included on your resume. If not, start getting a little more involved with your current team.

Volunteer to work on additional projects and offer to help if a colleague has an issue they’re having trouble resolving. This will help you develop problem-solving skills, so you can list this ability on your resume.

Time Management

At any given time, you likely have several competing priorities on your plate. Hiring managers want to know you have time management skills, so you can handle multiple assignments at once.

If you don’t currently excel at this, it’s time to change that. Get started by making a to-do list each morning and allotting a certain amount of time for each task. This will help you learn to better pace yourself, so you can complete assignments on time.

Computer Skills

Technology changes at a rapid pace, so if your software skills don’t align with current standards for your industry, this is likely hurting your chances of getting hired. Carefully review job postings you’re interested in to see if there’s any software program(s) commonly listed as a requirement or a nice-to-have ability. If you’re not proficient in them, take an online course to boost your skills.


Employers want motivated candidates with the ability to inspire others. Having leadership skills shows you’re someone who isn’t afraid to speak your mind and take the initiative.

If you don’t have a solid set of leadership skills, change this by asking your boss to take the reins on a few projects. This will help you learn and grow, so you can become an in-demand leader.

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