Hiring a new employee is a very big deal, so you want to get it right. Chances are, you don’t actually give employees an IQ test, but you almost definitely assess their intelligence in several other ways — i.e., cover letter and resume, interview questions, reference checks.

While choosing clever employees is important, your selected candidate also needs a strong emotional intelligence (EQ). Here’s why polished social communication skills are just as important as an impressive IQ.

4 Reasons Candidates Need a High EQ


Stay Calm Under Pressure

No job is stress-free all the time. Therefore, you need a candidate who can manage their emotions when tensions rise. If the person can’t handle themselves in stressful situations, it won’t matter how high their IQ is. You want someone with the capacity to remain cool and think clearly, while successfully navigating high-pressure scenarios.

Resolve Conflict Quickly and Efficiently

Your team is composed of a variety of personalities. Most of the time, people get along, but occasional clashes are inevitable. It’s important for candidates to have strong conflict resolution skills, so they can quickly and easily move past disagreements with their peers. Candidates who hold a grudge or are unwilling to compromise will cause problems for the team.

Treat Others With Empathy

It’s important for your team to support one another. When someone is having a bad day at work or going through a tough time in their personal life, you want their peers to treat them with kindness and compassion. Choosing a candidate who behaves this way without a second thought is a must because having even one icy, uncaring person on your team is too many.

Enjoy Greater Career Success

As a manager, you want to hire an ambitious candidate with big plans for their career. This person might start out in an entry-level role at your company, but their hard work and charisma will allow them to quickly move up the ladder. Both IQ and EQ are needed for growth at your company because you won’t want to keep someone around who is unpleasant to have on the team.

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