You have an important job with a lot of competing priorities. Therefore, you need to create a sense of structure to meet deadlines and stay on top of everything. Of course, this can feel like it’s easier said than done when you’re busy or aren’t naturally prone to organization.

The good news is, anyone, can make their workday more orderly — and doing so isn’t that difficult. Here’s some advice to help you add much-needed structure to your current way of doing things so that you can be more efficient.

5 Ways to Get Organized at Work


Become a Better Planner

When you think about organizational skills, planning might not be the first thing to come to mind. However, this is a crucial part of adding a sense of order to your day. Getting your to-do list organized will allow you to keep track of what’s currently on your plate and projects coming down the pipeline. This will help you pace yourself on individual tasks and determine deadlines for each one, so you can stay on track.

Improve Your Time Management Skills

Fine-tuning your planning abilities will help you maintain a realistic glimpse of the big picture while sharpening your time management skills will enhance your daily performance. Prioritizing your tasks and scheduling blocks of time to complete each one will help you stay on track so that you can meet every deadline. This will also allow you to avoid procrastination because having a set schedule in front of you will make it clear you have no time to waste.

Get Your Workspace in Order

It’s hard to be productive when your desk is such a mess; you can’t find anything. Block off time on your calendar and tidy up your work area. Get rid of old papers you don’t need and use folders to file those away that you do need in an orderly fashion. Having an organized work area will feel amazing and allow you to be more productive.

Structure Your Digital Files

Your physical work area isn’t the only space that needs a sense of order. Chances are, most of the documents you use are digital. If they’re randomly placed all over your computer, it probably takes you forever to locate anything. Change this by creating a digital filing system that takes the guesswork out of finding the documents you need.

Effectively Communicate With Colleagues

Get your co-workers in on your plan to become more organized. Designate two boxes — or folders, if you don’t have much space — on your desk for documents coming in and out. Ask them to put anything that needs your attention in the “in” area and let them know papers waiting for them will be in the “out” area. This will help keep your workspace organized.

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