You’re not satisfied with your current job, but something is holding you back from searching for a new one. Feeling intimidated about starting a new chapter is totally normal, as this is a very big move.

It’s important, to be honest about what’s bothering you, so you can get to the root cause and find a solution. Here’s a look at a few reasons people often feel intimidated about searching for a new job that might feel very relatable.

4 Common Fears and How to Overcome Them

You feel lost and unable to decide where you’re headed.

Being afraid to start a job search because you’re unsure of what you want is a valid concern. If you don’t know what the next step is, take the time to really think about what you want from your career. It’s important to do this before searching for new opportunities because otherwise, you probably won’t end up on the right path. This might delay the start of your search a bit, but it’s time very well spent.

You’re scared you won’t excel at interviews.

Feeling intimidated by job interviews is completely normal. Sure, you’ll likely make plenty of mistakes during your interviews — especially at first — but treat them as a learning experience. When you stop expecting perfection, you’ll be able to relax, which will improve your performance. Before long, you’ll be excited to interview for a great new job instead of dreading it.

You’re too old or too young to find a great job.

Age might seem like a key factor in landing a great new opportunity, but it’s not as important as you think. Instead, your skills are what will sell you to potential employers. Highlighting the value you can add to the company in your cover letter, on your resume, and during the job interview is what will get you hired. So, stop worrying that you’re too young or too old to get hired and start focusing on what you have to offer — and it’s a lot.

You’re afraid your ideal opportunity doesn’t exist.

It’s easy to postpone a job search because you think there’s nothing out there for you. However, you won’t know your dream job isn’t out there unless you leave no stone unturned. This means creating a comprehensive job search strategy that includes both looking for available opportunities and networking. It might take some time to find the job you really want, but if you stick with it, the right one will come along.

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