You’ve just interviewed for a job you’re really excited about — and now the waiting game begins. Sitting by the phone, waiting for a hiring manager to let you know your fate with the company can feel like torture, but there’s plenty you can do to stay on their radar.

In fact, your post-interview activities can help you gain a competitive advantage — or solidify the one you already had — by further proving your fit. Here are a few actions you can take to increase your chances of getting hired.

6 Post-Interview Tips to Keep You Top of Mind

Take Notes on the Meeting

It can be hard to remember the specifics of a job interview. This is especially true when you’re going on several in a short time period. Therefore, it’s important to stop and take notes as soon as possible after the meeting — or add to those you started during the interview. Write down all important details that could be helpful to reference in the future. Include any questions you’d like to ask the hiring manager in subsequent correspondence.

Send a Thank You Note

A classic post-interview move, sending everyone who interviewed you a thank you note is a must. A handwritten note is best for companies with more traditional culture, while email is ideal for those with a more modern vibe. Let each person know you’re grateful they took the time to meet with you and are excited about the possibility of being part of the team. Reiterate your fit for the job and very briefly clear up any responses you feel like you fumbled during the interview.

Make a LinkedIn Connection

There’s a very good chance the hiring manager is on LinkedIn, so send a request to connect. Include a brief note about your interview — i.e., “It was great meeting with you today to discuss the customer service representative position. I’m excited about the next steps.” — just in case, they’re not great with remembering names. Even if you don’t get this job, being connected will make it easy for them to keep you in mind for future opportunities.

Promptly Submit Requested Documents

If you were asked to submit any supporting documents — i.e., a portfolio, skills test, background check paperwork — do so immediately. This shows enthusiasm for the job and ensures you won’t hold up a fast-moving hiring process.

Reach Out to Your References

By this point, you’ve probably already received the okay to include everyone you’d like to vouch for you on your reference list — if not, definitely do so now. If the hiring manager has indicated they’ll be reaching out to your references, let them know to expect a call. It’s also a good idea to give them a brief overview of both the position and the company, as being informed will help them provide a better response.

Follow Up as Instructed

Chances are, you discussed a hiring timeline during the interview. While it can be tempting to reach out before a decision is set to be made, don’t do it. This can make you appear overly pushy, which might be off-putting to the hiring manager. If you don’t hear anything, wait until after the deadline has passed, then politely reach out.

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