Cold temperatures, snow, and ice will be here before you know it. And those things are more than just annoyances. The winter months can present real hazards to your employees, so it’s essential that you are proactive ahead of time to keep your workforce safe. Let’s take a look at a few ways to keep cold-weather dangers from putting your employees—and your business—at risk.

Monitor winter threats.

It’s important that you keep a pulse on the threats that could impact your business and your employees throughout the entire winter season. That includes winter storms, icy conditions, low temperatures… the list goes on. And don’t forget that this winter, COVID-19 outbreaks are another potential threat, not to mention flu outbreaks.

Rather than try and take this all on yourself, you may want to consider a threat monitoring solution that notifies you of alerts and concerns when they happen. That way, you can take steps immediately to notify your employees and make sure they stay safe.

Fortify the office.

If you have employees coming into an office or worksite, make sure to fortify this area against winter threats so that everyone stays safe. Salt the parking lot and sidewalks. Place absorbent mats at the entrances. Keep walkways properly lit. Know what your business’s solution is for snow removal on the grounds. Taking these steps early is the best way to prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

Promote remote worker winter safety.

Are some or all of your employees working remotely? While you may not have to worry about on-site accidents, it’s still a good idea to consider your employees’ health and safety at home. Remember: wintertime can take a real toll on employees’ mental health, as well as their physical health. Try conducting regular employee wellness checks in the form of a survey. It’s a good way to find out if employees need support before things reach a breaking point.


When it comes to workplace safety in general, but especially during the hazardous winter months, it’s a good idea to overcommunicate with your staff. Let them know what the plan is if a big winter storm is coming, including how much or when they’re supposed to work in the event of power outages or road closures. Keeping everyone on the same page during hazardous conditions is absolutely crucial.

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