One of the most common complaints from employees across a variety of fields is about the working hours. Inconvenient, long hours are no fun for anyone. And if the problem isn’t resolved, it can begin to burn you out and make you ineffective at your job. If you’re interested in negotiating better hours at work, it’s important to go about it the right way.

Here are some tips on negotiating for better hours at work:

Give valid reasons.

Telling your boss you’d like a different shift or better hours without giving any reason isn’t likely to get you very far. Provide concrete reasons why your current hours aren’t working for you, whether it’s a long commute, gas prices, or needing more time for family responsibilities. Make it clear why you’re unhappy with your current shift or hours and what you would like to see changed.

Suggest a solution.

Rather than coming to your boss and complaining about a problem, bring them a solution. When it comes to negotiating for better hours, there are various possible solutions. Telecommuting is a big one, and it’s more popular than ever. See if your boss would be okay with you telecommuting on certain days of the week or for half of the workday rather than the full one.

If your job is one that must be done on-site, ask about compressing the workweek into four days instead of five or having flexible start and end times. You might be surprised at how open your employer is to these options.

Here’s the trick: emphasize to your employer how they will benefit from the change, not you. If you’re performing at the top of your game because of the shift change, their business will benefit.

Inquire about a trial period.

Leadership may be reluctant to agree to a full change of hours or shift right off the bat. You might try suggesting a trial period in order to try out the new hours or shift. Offer to try out the new schedule for a month or so, and then meet with your boss again to evaluate how it’s going. From there, you can decide together if it’s working out for both parties.

Sometimes, you might not be able to get the shift or hour change that you want. If it’s time to seek out a new opportunity, turn to Wood Staffing for help. View available job openings near you and contact a member of our team to learn more.

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