How often do you say the words “thank you” at your job? Studies show that Americans are less likely to feel or express gratitude at work than anywhere else in life. And that’s not good for morale or on-the-job happiness. Actively practicing gratitude at work can actually help you enjoy your job more—and what better time to give it a try than around the holidays?

Here are four ways to practice gratitude so you can enjoy your job more:

Thank those who don’t hear it enough.

It’s safe to say that there are those who don’t get thanked enough in every organization. It’s only natural. Some roles or individuals take the spotlight, not necessarily on purpose. And others tend to go unnoticed, flying under the radar even though their roles are crucial. Take time to thank those people who may not hear it enough; it’ll make both of you feel great.

Be authentic.

The aim of practicing gratitude is not to say “thank you” to as many people as you possibly can. It’s important to be authentic when you’re thanking your coworkers. Think about the why: why exactly are you thankful for them and their work? Then, you can be authentic in your appreciation, rather than just saying it to as many people as possible to meet a perceived quota.

Look for opportunities.

Tell others that you’re thankful for them after a particularly difficult job is completed or a special project is wrapped up. If your company has a public platform of some kind, like a congratulations channel or a win board, use it. Look around you on your daily shift for opportunities, both to be grateful for yourself and to express gratitude for others.

Practice gratitude after times of stress or crisis.

One of the best times to practice gratitude is after a stressful situation or a crisis at work. Gratitude actually helps us see beyond a disaster situation and recognize how far we’ve come. Thinking about the lessons you’ve learned after a crisis is much more helpful than wallowing in how awful it was. Making gratitude a part of the process after a stressful or crisis situation has occurred can be very beneficial for the whole company.

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