The new year has arrived, and you’re committed to making this the best one yet for your team. Of course, you want the company as a whole to have a fantastic year, but you’re also rooting for each of your employees’ individual success.

Goal setting is a big part of this since these objectives are something each person will work toward all year. No doubt, you have a standard process in place, but there’s always room for improvement. Here’s some advice to help your team create objectives that will motivate them to succeed.

5 Tips Help Your Employees Set Professional Goals for 2022

Give Them Freedom

It’s not uncommon for managers to set goals for their employees. However, these objectives are tied to the job — not the person. This is problematic because people are more than just their job title. Giving them a prepared list of goals to achieve might serve as something to work toward, but it won’t inspire them.

Allowing them to create their own objectives is much more effective because these are aims they’re truly excited to achieve. People work much harder when they’re able to accomplish something they’re passionate about.

Offer Your Support

They might be setting their own goals, but it’s important to let employees know you’re there for them. Each person has their own preference for how they would like to be managed, so find out how you can best serve them. For example, you might ask what they need from you to achieve their goals or how you can help them better manage their time — i.e., schedule fewer meetings.

Provide Incentives

Even the best employees tend to work harder when there’s a little something extra at the finish line. Offering an incentive for achieving a certain goal by a set date encourages people to push themselves. For example, if the team reaches a monthly goal, you might offer a pizza party. If you’d rather an individual incentive, offer a gift card or reserved parking in a coveted spot for a month.

Make Success a Joint Effort

When your company succeeds, it’s a win for everyone. However, it can be hard for employees to understand this when they don’t have a firm grasp on the inner workings of the business. Give them a crash course of what needs to happen for them to achieve goals like creating a new position for them to be promoted into — i.e., increasing business in a certain area — or having more personal development opportunities — i.e., bringing in more revenue, so you have the budget.

Find Out Where They’re Headed

You want your best and brightest employees to stay with your company for the long term, but they have plenty of options. Increase retention rates by finding out where they see themselves in three, five, and ten years. This will help you better understand what they want from their career, so you can try to make it possible at your organization.

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