Do you have more open positions than people to fill them? You aren’t alone. With unemployment at a record low, the quit rate rising, and a growing number of retirees, the 2022 talent crisis is an everyday reality.

However, just because there are more jobs than people currently willing and available to work them doesn’t mean you can’t find the right people for your team. Excellent candidates are out there. But how do you find them?

Tap into passive talent.

Passive talent isn’t actively seeking a new job. Passive candidates won’t read your job post, browse your website during a job search, or discover you on LinkedIn. To engage passive talent, you must catch their attention and prove that your company is the best fit for them.

5 Ideas to Help You Fill Jobs with Passive Talent

Get to Know Your Ideal Candidate

Gather information about the kind of people best suited for working for your company. Understanding where they live, their educational background, and work experience can help you determine how to reach them and make your communications focused and personalized.

Brainstorm Reasons They Might Want A New Job

Determine reasons these candidates might be interested in a new job or want to get back into the workforce. Some of these reasons might be:

  • Not making enough money
  • Inconvenient schedule
  • They want to learn a new skill
  • Need benefits

Show Your Company As a Great Opportunity For Them

Once you know your ideal candidate and why they might want a new job, let candidates know you’re the solution to the job problems they didn’t even know they were having. Since you know your audience, you’ll know best how to reach them. A few strategies include:

  • Email and texting
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media
  • Referrals

Make It Easy to Apply

Since these candidates weren’t actively seeking a job, a complicated or lengthy application process might scare them away. Make sure your website has an easy path to your application and that the application process doesn’t require too much effort.

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