There are no hard hats or steel-toe shoes that can protect workers from the effects of the pandemic, personal issues, or other problems happening in their lives. However, there are many things caring employers can do to support their employees’ mental and emotional health.

Here are 5 things you can do to put mental well-being at the heart of the workplace:


Provide Access to Mental Health Care

Does your organization have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or another mental health benefits program? If so, make sure all employees know that they can reach out and receive help with personal issues impacting their lives. Provide information through multiple company channels such as email, apps, team huddles, or signs in the breakroom. Open communication and information sharing can help remove the stigma of receiving mental health care and encourage workers to get the support they need.


Offer Mental Health Training to Managers

Educate managers on identifying and responding to signs of overwork, burnout, and emotional strain. Responding proactively will show employees you care and further increase their feelings of safety on the job.


Advocate for Self-Care

Encourage workers to take their breaks, lunches, and vacation time. Assure them that resting will improve their job performance and taking a break is as valuable as their hard work and dedication to the job.


Celebrate Healthy Habits

Raising awareness of healthy mental and physical habits can improve the overall fitness level of the team. Encourage walking breaks, drinking water, and other healthy beverages, and remind them of any wellness perks included in their employee benefits package. When workers see their managers and colleagues taking time to care for their health, they’ll want to join the team.


Maintain Adequate Staff

Overwork can contribute to stress and anxiety on the job. Alleviate employee stress by maintaining adequate staff to handle the workload.


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