A lot has changed about the world since the pandemic, and many high school students wonder what their next step should be. If that describes you, have you ever considered warehouse work?

Scoring a warehouse job right out of high school is a great move for people who want a steady gig, require flexibility, or need time to figure out their goals.

Here are 5 reasons to give warehouse work a shot.

Get Your Foot in the Door of a Booming Industry

Unlike many other industries during the pandemic, warehouse work opportunities skyrocketed. With the growth of e-commerce and online retailing, there is a constant and growing need for warehouse workers.

Plenty of Room for Advancement

Most warehouses prefer to promote from within rather than hire a new employee and train them from scratch. Learning new skills can lead to promotions with more responsibilities and higher pay. You can start as a picker, packer, or material handler and advance to supervisor, quality assurance inspector, auditor, or more.

No Experience Required

You don’t need prior experience to receive a job offer for many positions, and warehouses have tons of entry-level opportunities that provide on-the-job training.

Lots of Variety

Warehouses often operate around the clock, which means there’s variety in shift scheduling. Like getting up early? Work first shift. Are you a night owl? Choose overnights. There’s also a lot of variety in work environments, depending on the size of the warehouse you choose. Smaller operations will require you to learn multiple skills. Larger warehouses will likely have more automation and allow you to focus on one task with detail and repetition.

Breathing Room

If you’re looking for a steady job that will give you time to discover your strengths, develop some skills, and recover from the last few years, a warehouse job can provide structure, flexibility, and a career path with opportunities for advancement.

Not sure if a warehouse job is right for you? Consider trying a temporary position. Many warehouses offer temporary or temp-to-hire positions that allow you to try the environment on for size without making a long-term commitment. Contact The Wood Companies today to learn about warehouse opportunities and more in Southwestern Michigan and Northern Indiana.


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