Finding top talent is harder than ever right now. The current labor shortage has made what was already a difficult task feel nearly impossible for many employers.

Since candidates have their choice of opportunities, it’s important to make sure your company stands out from the crowd. One of the best ways to achieve this is by offering an amazing benefits package that can’t be outdone.

You think your current benefits are pretty great, but it’s possible candidates — and employees — don’t feel the same way. Here’s how to find out if you’re on the same page.

4 Tips to Make Sure You’re Offering Great Benefits

Consider Your Workforce

Benefits considered outstanding at one company won’t necessarily be coveted at another. Therefore, it’s important to compare your demographic to the benefits offered by your company. For example, offering subsidized childcare can be an outstanding benefit, but if most of your employees don’t have children, they don’t care about this.

See What Benefits Are Being Used

Chances are, you know what benefits your company offers, but you probably aren’t aware of how much — or how little — people are actually using them. For example, you might take a look at how many people are actually using the free gym membership or tuition assistance offered. If you discover very few employees are actually taking advantage of it, consider this a sign it’s time to switch things up.

Survey Employees

The best way to find out if your benefits are serving your team is to ask them. Create an anonymous survey where employees can offer feedback on your benefits, so you can find out if adjustments need to be made. This can help you become more attractive to potential candidates because their needs likely align with those of your current employees.

Research Competitors

If you feel like your competition is always getting the candidates you want, look at the benefits package they’re offering. It’s possible candidates are torn between jobs at your company, and similar organizations are going with the other option because they offer better benefits. You might have to increase your budget a bit to match their offerings, but it will be worth it to gain better hires.

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