As a responsible leader, safety is your top priority. However, you realize workplace hazards come in many forms you might not immediately recognize.

Therefore, you’re committed to educating yourself on these risks, so you can do everything in your power to keep your team safe. Here’s a look at some of the most common forms of threats workers face on the job.

Four Types of Dangerous Workplace Hazards

Traditional Safety

The most common type of hazard — especially in a warehouse setting — traditional safety hazards include threats like working from heights, machinery issues, slips and trips on floors, confined spaces, and electrical malfunctions. Properly training workers, regularly inspecting the workplace for hazards, and empowering people to speak up when something doesn’t seem right are the best ways to avoid incidents that can cause illness, injury, and even death.


A safety issue that occurs from strain placed on the body, ergonomic hazards can cause serious injuries that can actually become chronic if left untreated. This type of injury is typically caused by incidents such as repeated movements, frequent lifting, poor posture, and sitting at a desk and/or chair that isn’t adjusted to fit one’s body. Making workers aware of ergonomic issues and providing training to avoid them will help this become less of an issue.


Harm to the body that occurs without actual touch, and physical hazards, can be very dangerous. This includes issues such as working in extreme temperatures, prolonged exposure to the sun, and loud noises. Help keep your team safe by acknowledging these risks and creating safety protocols to combat them. Educate your team on the importance of following the rules you’ve set and conduct periodic assessments to ensure your protocols are still doing their job.


You want your company to be an outstanding place to work, but this probably won’t happen on its own. Problems such as prolonged heavy workloads, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and a perceived lack of respect from management and/or peers can turn your company into a nightmare. The best way to avoid these issues is to be truly present with your team. Keep a close watch on what’s going on with them and create an open-door policy where people feel comfortable coming to you with sensitive issues.

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