You’re an ambitious person with big career aspirations. Specifically, you have your sights set on becoming a manager, and you’re not stopping until you’ve risen to the top.

Right now, you’re trying to figure out if you need to focus on increasing your education or experience to get the kind of job you want. Generally speaking, both are valued by companies, as managers with relevant education and experience are considered strong candidates.

However, you might only be able to focus on one of those areas right now, and that’s okay. Use this overview to help you understand how companies view education and experience when filling a managerial position.

Here’s How Education and Experience Impact Your Ascent to Management


Both education and experience can help you negotiate a competitive salary. However, having relevant degrees and certifications can seriously elevate your earnings. Many companies require managers to have specific credentials to make it to a higher pay grade.


No one wants to hire a manager who doesn’t have the skills needed to succeed. In this case, experience can be a stronger sell, as many skills need to be acquired on the job — especially soft skills. However, employers also value the knowledge gained through academic programs, as they can provide value in a different way.

Standing Out

If you’re vying for a competitive management position, having both the right education and experience will increase your chances of getting hired. Giving employers the best of both worlds allows them to feel confident that you’re a well-rounded candidate who really knows the field and is prepared to lead a team to success.

Of course, you can still get hired with only the right education or experience, but it will be much harder to stand out from other applicants.

Career Progression

As you’re well aware, management has many levels at most companies. Right now, you’re probably focused on landing an entry-to-mid-level position. However, you’ll likely want to continue moving up the ladder once you’ve been in this type of role for a few years.

The value of experience should never be underestimated, but many senior management positions require a certain level of education. For example, you might not meet the minimum qualifications for a vice president role without a master’s degree. Therefore, it’s important to research your desired career track thoroughly so that educational requirements won’t hold you back.

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