It’s been a while now since you started your job search, but you still don’t have any leads. You’re surprised by this because you know you’re a competitive candidate with an impressive resume. However, this doesn’t mean much if your social media presence isn’t exactly professional.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of U.S. hiring decision-makers believe checking a candidate’s social media presence is an effective screening tool, according to a 2020 survey conducted by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Express Employment Professionals. It’s possible you didn’t even realize your profiles were under scrutiny, but there’s a pretty strong chance they are.

Feeling a little uneasy now? Here’s some advice to ensure your social accounts no longer hold you back.

Five Tips to Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

Set Personal Profiles to Private

There’s nothing wrong with having a personal social media presence where you can freely express yourself. This is only problematic when potential employers can see it, so it’s probably best to make these accounts private.

When potential employers don’t have access to your private profiles, they can’t use the information against you. By doing this, you’re creating a healthy separation between your personal and professional lives, which is important.

Create a Professional Presence

You might think it’s best to cut potential employers off from all social media content, but that isn’t the case. When used properly, social media can actually help you get hired. Therefore, it’s best to create a profile on one or two platforms that are used strictly for professional purposes.

Share New Content Regularly

Show hiring managers you’re passionate about the field and engaged in your work by posting new content on your professional accounts often. Share your thoughts on the latest trends impacting your industry, highlight projects you’re working on, and network with like-minded professionals.

Avoid Posting Anything Controversial

The last thing you want is to be eliminated from consideration for a job because you posted a political rant or shared a vacation photo that was seriously not suitable for work. Therefore, it’s best never to share anything controversial. Before posting, think about whether the content is suitable for your prospective boss to see, and if you have any doubts, don’t do it.

Keep Accounts Active

You might be tempted to completely delete your social media presence for fear of accidentally posting the wrong thing. This makes sense, but don’t do it. In today’s social media era, employers expect you to have a presence on at least one popular site — even if your profile is set to private and they can’t see anything. Plus, deleted profiles can show up on cached pages in Google searches, which can send the message that you have something to hide.

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