Your company is only as strong as the employees powering it. Right now, you feel like your team is good but not necessarily great.

As the boss, you take responsibility for this, and you’re committed to improving the situation. The new year has only just begun, so you still have plenty of time to turn things around for 2023.

Ready to get started? Here’s some advice to help you make the positive changes needed to fully unite your employees and make the team stronger than ever.

5 Essentials for Building a Great Team

1. Give Each Person the Floor

Each of your employees has a voice, but some are louder than others. Therefore, it’s best if you take charge during meetings and make sure each person is invited to speak. This will ensure everyone is heard, as some people are very comfortable sharing their thoughts, while others need a little nudge.

2. Support One Another

Make sure employees know the team has their back during busy periods. If one person has a disproportionately large load, ask others to volunteer to take on some of their tasks. This will make people feel supported and help them maintain a solid work/life balance during times that could otherwise be very stressful.

3. Hire Diverse Personalities

The best teams are those composed of very different people who enjoy uniting for a common cause. When hiring, make a point to seek out people who don’t necessarily remind you of anyone already on your team. Whether they’re a little on the quieter side, more of a free spirit, or have an entirely different background, they will all bring something wonderfully unique to the table.

4. Celebrate Wins

Your employees do great things all the time, so let them know you notice and appreciate all of their hard work. Make a point to thank them on a regular basis, and when someone really goes above and beyond, celebrate them in the spotlight. This might mean announcing their achievement at a team meeting, sending an email to the entire group, or even hosting a lunch in their honor.

5. Make Sure Everyone’s Role is Known

Issues can arise when there’s a lack of boundaries between roles. If you’re currently having this problem, work with your team to make each person’s job duties crystal clear.

Avoid this in the future by having new hires spend a little time with each employee as part of orientation. This will ensure they know who to go to when they have questions or need support in a certain area.

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