Hiring the right person for the job is hard work. It also requires a serious time investment.

In the past, you’ve always handled hiring internally, but it’s getting to be a lot. You feel like you’re falling short on several other managerial tasks, because so much of your time is spent on hiring activities.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it all. Here’s at a few other tasks you’re probably neglecting right now that you’ll have time to focus on by delegating your hiring to a recruiter.

Five Activities You’ll Have Time to Do If You Work With a Staffing Agency

Plan Team-Building Activities

To create and maintain a strong sense of team, your employees need time to focus on strengthening their relationships. Team-building activities give them the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the office. No matter what the size of your budget, there are plenty of options that will allow them to relax and have fun together.

Ensure Employees Are Properly Trained

When you’re busy, it can be easy to overlook employee skills gaps as long as they’re functioning well enough in their job. However, a team of people with moderate skills certainly isn’t ideal. Having more time on your hands will allow you to give employees a proper skills gap analysis, so you can see where employees’ strengths are and where a little extra learning is needed.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Just because your team is currently doing something one way, it doesn’t mean that’s the best way. With more free time, you can conduct an audit to see which processes and procedures still make sense and which can be made more efficient. Any improvements made will allow your team to save time and money, so this task can prove invaluable.

Grow Your Business

As the boss, it’s your job to guide the company’s strategic vision. You want the business to continue thriving, so that means continuing to understand customers’ ever-changing needs and always being at least one step ahead of the competition. Whether you want to launch new products and services or fine-tune those already offered, this requires a serious time investment.

Spend More Time With Your Team

It’s hard for employees to bond with a boss they barely know. With more free time, you can schedule regular one-on-one meetings, stop by your employees’ desks to chat, and even invite them out to lunch. This will allow you to get to know them better, so you can build trust, strengthen loyalty, and better guide their careers.

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