Every company has a few employees that management wishes they could clone. These people seem to have a secret sauce that sets them apart from the rest. You’re hoping to figure out the recipe because you want to join their ranks.

Right now, you feel like you’re a decent employee, but that’s not good enough for you. Instead, you’d like to be considered an A-level worker who is largely viewed as indispensable. Use this advice to transform yourself into the type of employee you know you can be.

Five Tips to Become a Great Employee

Follow the Rules

It might sound simple, but it’s so important. Management likely spends a lot more time dealing with employees who don’t follow the rules than you realize. Seemingly small things like coming in on time, not taking an extra-long lunch, and adhering to the dress code make your boss’s life easier. When you make their life easier, they notice and appreciate it.

Treat Everyone With Respect

Honestly speaking, there’s a good chance you don’t care for everyone you work with — and that’s okay. Workplaces are filled with people from different backgrounds with a wide variety of personalities. It’s inevitable that everyone won’t be friends, but that doesn’t mean you can treat those you’re not that into poorly. Each and every one of your colleagues deserves your respect, so make sure you’re giving it to them.

Embrace Change

For a company to evolve and remain successful, change must happen. There are people on every team who fight change every step of the way, and they aren’t easy to manage. Show your boss you welcome change by happily accepting new processes, procedures, and projects as they’re introduced. This will show them you’re always ready to evolve and learn new things.

Learn Your Job Inside Out

Knowing the basics of your job isn’t good enough to stand out from the crowd. Take the time to really gain an expert-level understanding of all of your tasks. This might involve taking a few courses to learn new skills that will allow you to work even better. You want your team to feel confident they’re working with the best instead of wondering how good you really are at your job.

Find Solutions

No matter how efficient your company is, there’s always room for improvement. You will become an invaluable member of the team if you actively seek ways to save time, money, and stress. This might involve taking unnecessary steps out of a process or finding an entirely new way to perform a task in a more efficient manner.

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