“Summer vacations can impact a company’s operations and productivity but anticipating and planning for staff absences—including bringing in temporary support—can help minimize disruptions.” –Michael Steinitz, senior executive director, Accountemps

When summer rolls around, and kids are out of school, everyone shakes off the last vestiges of winter. Besides pulling out their summer wardrobe, scouting baseball tickets, and firing up the grill, most people start planning their summer vacations. This phase is exciting for the employee because it marks an escape from the daily grind.

However, employers approach summer from a different perspective. Most companies offer paid vacations to reward hard workers and to build morale. After all, happy employees perform better. Yet, most employees want time off in the summer months—just when everyone else wants a break, too. How can companies keep up “business as usual” when most of their dependable workers are absentia?

The good news is that your company can continue to thrive during vacation time. And Wood Staffing has the solution: temp employees.


Here are 6 ways temporary workers are the perfect solution to your summertime workforce needs.


  1. Proficient Substitutes

To make our workers an immediate asset to your company, we complete all necessary hiring preliminaries before we send them over.  After completing basic skills assessments, workers undergo background checks, drug screenings, specialized training, and safety orientations customized to your facility. Except for the job-specific training you provide on-site, most temps will arrive prepared to pull their weight on day one. 

  1. Varying Work Backgrounds

In the professional world, not all temps are created equal. For instance, a worker trained to excel on a production line may not suit your office needs. Fortunately, Wood Staffing covers your clerical and light industrial labor gaps. We hire talented laborers with a variety of expertise so we can match your needs with suitable workers when the time is right. 

  1. Quick Response Time

Because we take care of the initial steps, onboarding a temp employee may take as little as a few days. That way, when multiple workers select the same vacation week, we’ll have someone to fill their shoes on short notice. 

  1. Minimal Hassle

When the employee ranks thin out during the summer months, managers may find themselves doing double duty. Sometimes, interim leaders may step in to fill labor gaps. However, management team members often temporarily assume each other’s roles as they take their families on vacation. The added burden of interviewing and hiring temps becomes unfeasible at such a time. So, while planning your summer travel and compiling your company’s vacation schedule, let temp workers be your go-to solution.

  1. Windfall for College Students

As most seasoned laborers head out the door for summer trips, another contingent of workers becomes ripe for the workforce: college students. Besides the fact that college students need the money temp work provides, they also crave experience. Once they graduate, they’ll be applying for jobs in a competitive work market. And most job posts specify “experience preferred” in top candidates. So, while you give college students a leg up in their future careers, they’ll also help you solve the labor shortage you’re experiencing today.

  1. Happy Workers

Monetary and physical assets, such as machinery and electronics, are valuable to any company. Yet, without a foundation of faithful employees, even the most impressive corporate empire can crumble. We must reward those who make our enterprise successful. In so doing, we express our gratitude. Happy employees mesh better with their co-workers and feel inspired to operate at their peak. So, despite the hassle of summer scheduling, bringing in summertime temp labor is entirely worth it.


No matter what expertise you need to fill your labor gap, Wood Staffing will consistently deliver with excellence. Contact us anytime, 24/7, so our professional team can match you with the talent you need to perform better than ever throughout the summer season.