“If you haven’t invested in strategies to retain your temporary employees, you’re missing out on an easy way to ensure that your business runs as efficiently as possible.” –

By definition, a temp worker performs a short-term function within a company and then assumes a different position elsewhere. Given the transient nature of temp labor, it’s tempting to avoid creating ties with temp workers. Yet, given the right conditions, you could nurture today’s temps into tomorrow’s permanent employees. Here are five ways to cultivate thriving relationships with your temps to produce a robust, long-term workforce.

  1. Communicate your expectations.

While a job post sets applicants’ initial expectations about job requirements, onboarded temps need further detail to excel. As workers master specific tasks, increase their responsibilities so their services become more valuable. And if there’s a possibility for long-term employment following the temp position, let workers know in advance. That way, temps can examine their duties in terms of long-term commitment. Let workers know how to submit feedback or ask questions, and then be willing to learn and adjust practices when needed.

  1. Build relationships.

Introduce yourself to new temps and engage with them frequently enough that they see you as approachable. Encourage them to express their questions, comments, and concerns. And when you observe outstanding work, congratulate the worker privately or in front of their peers.

While some offices exclude temps from office meetings, a more forward-thinking approach includes them in business proceedings. Even if your temps end up being temporary, learn from their knowledge. By doing so, you’ll create more friendly and inclusive office relationships overall.

  1. Make a good impression—and maintain it.

As in any relationship, creating an excellent first impression on employees remains crucial. Keep the work environment spruced and inviting. Give temps a map and a tour so they can easily navigate around. While you should be proactive about impressing your temp employees, don’t drop the ball once they’ve been on staff for a while. Note each worker’s strengths and ask for their feedback in that area. Having a suggestion box and inviting comments is one thing, but purposefully asking a worker for input is another. Although the quiet, reflective types may have much to offer, they might not comment unless you appeal to them directly.

  1. Provide training opportunities.

While the best workers perform well as a matter of personal ethics, every worker still analyzes how a position can benefit them professionally. A temp worker should feel that each assignment advances them in some way. What can you offer that other employers do not? For one, free training in career-advancing skills is a big plus. Additionally, mentorship programs open a wealth of opportunities for both temporary and existing staff. Existing workers can benefit from new ideas, and temps can benefit from additional one-on-one training. That way, if a temp decides to stay long-term, they’ll be well prepared for what the position requires.

  1. Competitive wages and incentives.

Once again, ask yourself how you can set your company apart. Why should a temp choose your business, and why should he want to stay? Do you offer salaries comparable to those in the same field? If you’re a smaller enterprise, be aware that larger companies may provide better overall wages. However, you can still incentivize working for you by offering a stellar workplace experience, social events, insurance benefits, seasonal bonuses, or a reward system.

Implementing some—or all—of these ideas could mean the difference between attracting a litany of temps or the committed, long-term talent you want. No matter what expertise you need, Wood Staffing will consistently deliver excellence. Contact us anytime, 24/7, so our professional team can match you with the exceptional workers you need.