Temp employment involves substituting for permanent employees on leave. Whether sickness, childbirth, or family emergencies have called them away from work, you’re there to fill their shoes till they return. Even if your eventual goal is long-term employment in your chosen industry, temp employment has benefits. Below are a few notable perks of temp labor that might appeal to you.

Experience in Your Chosen Profession

Every job post you read highlights the experience an employer wants prospective workers to possess. However, gaining the necessary experience requires someone to hire you so you can practice these desired skills! Interestingly, since temp work is short-term, minimal or non-existent experience won’t deter employers from giving you a chance as a temp. This way, temp jobs become a win-win for employers and employees. The boss gets to fill a vacant position with minimal hassle, and you gain valuable experience.

Exposure to Different Career Possibilities

Given that temp work has fewer exact hiring requirements than permanent work, you may find yourself handling temp offers from various fields. Some tasks may require your current experience and educational background, while others may be utterly unrelated to your previous education or employment. When the latter situation occurs, don’t despair. You may feel like a fish out of water for a few weeks, but this position may be valuable to you in the long run. On future applications, you’ll have an additional skillset to offer a prospective employer.

Higher Wages

A common criticism of temp employment is that it offers no insurance or vacation benefits. On first analysis, these omissions may seem like drawbacks. Yet, when examining a particular concern, it’s best to consider both sides. While it’s true that a temporary position won’t include the same benefits as a permanent position would, temp work typically accounts for that deficiency by paying higher wages. If you don’t have insurance through a parent, spouse, or second employer, you can use these additional wages to purchase insurance independently. However, if you already have insurance, that extra pay is just more disposable income! 

Wider Professional Network

Whether you make temp employment your lifelong pursuit or use it as a stepping stone to your next professional goal, temp work will make you known in your industry. Over the years, you’ll find yourself substituting in numerous local businesses. And the friends you make in each position will become your professional contacts. Good contacts are your connections in the industry. When you see a temp or permanent position that you can’t pass up, knowing a key person at that business could make all the difference. Your contact may be willing to deliver your resume directly to the hiring manager or put in a good word for you. They say that word-of-mouth is the best advertisement, and the same holds for marketing your professional skills.

Long-Term Possibilities

When you start a new temp job, remember that short-term work could lead to permanent employment. The person you’re subbing for may not return, or a new position may open while you’re there. Consequently, it’s to your advantage to treat every job as if it could last forever. So, respect your managers and fellow workers. Show initiative when something needs to get done. While working temp jobs, remember you’re building a name for yourself in the professional world. Ensure the reputation you’re building today is one you’re proud of tomorrow –it may earn you the long-term job of your dreams.

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