As job seekers comb online listings for suitable employment, how can you guarantee they’ll give your job post a second glance? How can you be sure they’ll read your post thoroughly and feel inclined to apply? While some aspects of human behavior are unpredictable, here are some easy tweaks to revitalize your job posts and attract the top talent you need!


1. Start with a Keyword-based, Uncomplicated Job Title

While a flowery title might seem (superficially) more appealing, it’s tough to attract applicants when they don’t know what you’re seeking. If you want an assembly line worker or a plumber, say so! Also, feel free to incorporate pertinent keywords into the job title so it’ll appear in search engines when an applicant submits a related query. For instance, the title “part-time automotive assembly line worker” would garner more search engine hits than “assembly line worker.” A more detailed title gives the applicant some needed specifics before clicking the post.

2. Ensure That Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly (at Least) 

Since not everyone owns a computer anymore, many applicants will view and apply to your job posts via mobile. Therefore, verifying that job seekers can interact easily with your job posts on various mobile platforms is crucial. Mobile-friendly sites have become more common and will suit your applicants’ needs in many ways. However—if possible—impress future employees with a mobile-optimized or mobile-responsive experience that improves upon standard mobile-friendly attributes.

3. Introduce Your Company

For every potential employee, many potential jobs exist in the current market. Why should the best workers choose your business above the rest? While incentives and starting pay will play vital roles in this decision, applicants will also assess if they want to spend 40 hours a week in your company’s work environment. So, tell them why your company would be a great fit! Explain your core values and how your company exemplifies them. Describe your company culture and what makes it unique and enjoyable. But be brief! A paragraph of 100 words or less should suffice to highlight your company’s strengths and intrigue the applicant to read more. And remember to include your company’s name in the post since anonymous listings look like scams.

4. Use Bullet Lists

Since you want applicants to keep reading, spotlight these crucial elements in several quick bullet lists:

  • Position responsibilities. Briefly describe what the potential employee would do.
  • Required qualifications. Limit this list carefully to avoid ruling out suitable candidates.
  • Preferred qualifications. This is a wish list. Applicants lacking these skills may still apply!
  • Top job perks. Foreground attractive job attributes like advancement and growth opportunities, flexibility, compensation, and insurance benefits in this list. Note: If you are willing to offer a wide range of salaries, omit pay rates so you can negotiate a salary deal with your preferred candidate. 

5. Remember to Include Location Information

Applicants who prefer the personal touch may drop their resumes off in person or drive by to get a feel for the premises. The more accessible you are, the more applicants will perceive your company as open, welcoming, and a fantastic workplace!

With these thoughts in mind, you’re just a few keystrokes away from listings that will hone in on your ideal candidates. Using concise, targeted titles, descriptions, and bullet lists in a mobile-friendly format will make your posts more professional and intriguing. So, mark it down: an outstanding application experience starts with a great job post!

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