As hiring professionals adopt artificial intelligence, how will recruiting evolve? You’ll use AI to get rid of the inefficient things that a recruiter does, “like searching through hundreds of resumes. Recruiters won’t be used to discover talent—they’ll be deciding if candidates identified by AI are a good fit for the company’s corporate culture.”—as quoted on

Since ChatGPT launched in November 2022, the world has been abuzz with speculation on how AI could change the world. As always, the thought of change engenders fear of the unknown. However, without courageous individuals willing to forge into the unknown technological territory, innovation would never have enhanced society the way it has. For instance, where would we be today without the contributions of the Wright Brothers? For one thing, we’d still be earthbound! So, will you remain grounded by the past, or will you boldly forge ahead into the new and exciting world of technology-driven recruitment?

Here are key suggestions for letting technology help your business reach greater heights in 2024

1. Sort Applications Via an Applicant Tracking System

While most businesses have heard of ATS, not everyone knows that multiple ATS systems exist. Select an ATS system that best merges with your existing office systems to minimize changeover costs. Ensure your selected ATS identifies crucial elements in submitted resumes and has superior tools for sharing candidate details among management team members.

2.  Use Chatbots to Answer Common Questions 

Whether recruiting, hiring, onboarding, or maintaining a current employee, a high-quality chatbot can take your site to the next level. Keeping customer service representatives on staff 24/7 isn’t cost-effective. Plus, HR can become swamped with queries from candidates and employees alike. Creating a chatbot to answer common questions on your site could save you endless headaches and money.

3.  Host Virtual Interviews

COVID may have done us one favor. Much of the recruitment and hiring process occurred in person in the pre-COVID world, but many recruitment aspects have now gone digital. The virtual interview is still alive and well –it may be your best friend! If your best candidate lives far away, a virtual meeting saves you from paying travel costs and saves the applicant a great deal of time and stress, as well.

4.  Employ Online Testing

Online applications have been around for quite some time. But have you considered adding dimension to your recruitment process by incorporating personality and skills testing into your applications? That way, when ATS pulls a resume, you can assess the candidates’ education, experience, personality, and skills before determining who’s interview-ready.

5.  Define Your Social Media Presence

LinkedIn and Facebook are most businesses’ go-to sources for social media advertising. But Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok also deserve your attention. While more seasoned employees prefer tried-and-true platforms, newer, trendier platforms appeal to younger workers. And those young laborers will soon fill the ranks of businesses everywhere, so appealing to them is crucial.

6.  Optimize Your Careers Page for Mobile

Mobile-friendly and mobile-compatible sites enhance the user experience when someone views your site on a phone or tablet. However, the best mobile experience occurs when you optimize your site for mobile traffic. An optimized site automatically senses and adjusts to the device you’re using so that you can view and navigate the site equally well from any device.

7.  Track Employee Metrics with AI

Instead of manually tracking employee hours, performance, and efficiency, let AI take this load off your shoulders. Online tracking, accessible from the company portal, allows you and the employee to track areas of proficiency versus those requiring improvement. Instead of having awkward conversations with your employees, allow the screen to do the talking for you.

Indeed, you can take your company to new heights this year by embracing the strengths of new technology! By saving applicants’ and employees’ time as well as making your business more accessible and efficient, you’ll enjoy the best that new technology has to offer. Today’s technology will soon give way to fresh innovations. Your ability to move with the times may determine if your business stays on the cutting edge.