It’s one of the best problems an employer could have–a situation in which your business is growing rapidly and needs to hire more people to meet the demand. As you go through the hiring process, your focus will be on finding the right people to keep your success going. Keeping these simple tips in the back of your mind during interviews will help you find ideal candidates.

Play the long game. It can be tempting to just hire anyone with the right qualifications, especially when you desperately need to fill multiple open positions at once. During interviews, force yourself to take a step back and consider whether the candidate is looking to just take a job or build a career. An employee focused on the latter is the one who will keep your company in growth mode.

Offer opportunity. Yes, you’re already preparing to extend the opportunity for a job, but when your company is growing fast, think a few steps ahead. Will you need this candidate to expand or update their skills as your company grows? If so, consider what kind of ongoing training you might be able to offer them. The right candidate will be excited for the chance to learn and grow with the company.

Consider soft skills. You’re interviewing this candidate because you’ve seen their resume and they have the technical skills that you’re looking for. A rapidly growing company, however, also needs people who are adaptable, forward-thinking, and willing to assist others, especially new hires. In the interview, include a couple of scenario-based questions to get a sense of how they’d handle these situations.

Plan onboarding in advance. You hired a great candidate–now comes the hard part. In a time of rapid growth, onboarding and training can get pushed aside in favor of the new employee jumping right in to assist with the workload. Before you make a job offer, make sure you’ve got a plan in place for onboarding and training to ensure a smooth transition. 

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