The benefits of hiring temporary employees are well known. It’s a useful strategy for filling gaps created when other employees go on medical leave, or meeting seasonal increases in demand. Because temporary work differs in a few key ways from long-term work, however, it’s a good idea to approach the hiring process in a unique way.

When deciding to hire a temporary employee, advance planning is key. What specific duties will this employee take on, and what is the precise time period that they’ll need to cover? Be sure to lay all of this out in the job description. Major job sites are a good resource for getting the job description out there, but working with a staffing company can speed the process along. 

If you’re having trouble determining a specific time period, it could be that this position makes more sense as a direct hire. Make sure you’re not bringing a temporary employee on as a short-term solution to a long-term staffing issue. It’s one thing if your company has a definitive seasonal need, but if your company is on a growth trajectory or has had a key employee leave, you likely need someone who’s in it for the long haul. 

Once you’ve assembled a list of qualified candidates, take a critical look at their recent experience. You’re hiring a temp because of an immediate need, meaning that you won’t have the same kind of time to provide on-site training that you would with a permanent employee. Choose the candidate who’s most likely to jump right in and start contributing. 

Finally, even if the position is temporary, bear in mind that this hire might have the potential to convert to a company hire if he or she performs well. You’ll want to avoid saddling them with too many long-term strategic conversations just yet, but keep an eye out for strong work performance that might qualify them for other positions. Hiring a once-temporary employee for a direct position is a seamless process–this person already knows the company’s processes and will keep things running smoothly. 

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