Hiring Process

Our goal is to find a job that’s a great match for your skills, personality, and lifestyle. To get there, we take a bit of a different approach.

We feel that by offering a high level of privacy in a comfortable atmosphere, you can perform at your highest level. Instead of being processed in a group environment or in the lobby, our application process begins online. In instances where an individual does not have a computer available to them, applicants are able to utilize computers at our office to begin the process.

Once the application is submitted, it is reviewed by one of our staffing professionals. Application information including employment history, skills, education, and criminal record are taken into account when evaluating candidates for employment. Applicants are contacted via email (or by phone if email is not available) within a day or two to indicate the next steps in the registration process. Applicants that are determined to be a match for current or future openings are invited to come in to our office to complete the application process. When they come in, applicants are assigned an individual room equipped with a desk and a computer where the application paperwork can be completed, any testing is performed, safety videos are viewed, and the interview takes place.

With that said, here’s a more detailed look
at what you can expect during
our hiring process:

Interview. We’ll schedule a face-to-face interview to get to know you and talk about what you’re looking for in your next job. We will also ask you about your work history and experience.

Testing. We will then conduct skills testing so we have a good understanding of your skill level.

Verification. In addition, you may also be required to consent to drug screening and a background check, and we will also check references from previous employers.

Preparation. Once we find a position that’s a good match for you, we’ll help you prepare for your interview. This includes offering you interview tips, as well as plenty of information about the client company and the position.

Orientation: What to Expect After Getting Hired for an Assignment

Coordinators will review what is needed for your new assignment – proper work attire and tools that you may need. This will be done either over the phone or with an orientation sheet indicating client-specific information.

If required, the coordinator will arrange any pre-assignment screening – drug screen, physical, background check, etc.

Coordinators will review how time will be collected – time slips, swipe badges, etc., as well as call-off procedures if you will be late/absent.

Coordinators will also assist with the following:

  • Check handling preference – Payroll distribution is handled electronically; this saves you time and money by avoiding lines to pick up your check and the lines and fees associated with cashing your check. You may select one of two options to receive your pay electronically: direct deposit to the account of your choice or a Global Cash Card issued at our office. Our Global Cash Card user guide contains many tips to access your pay without fees.
  • Garnishment/Child Support Deduction – Employees needing deductions can notify their caseworkers of their employment through WTS for deductions to begin.
  • Insurance – All questions about insurance should be directed to Essential StaffCare at 866-798-0803. Those signing up for insurance will notice their first deduction from their paycheck a few weeks after starting employment and insurance benefits begin the Monday following their first deduction for insurance.

Coordinators are also available to field any additional employee questions – e.g., total hours needed for direct hire at the client where they are assigned, client benefits upon hire, etc.

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