5 Steps for Responding to Interview Invites


Five Steps for Responding to Interview Invites

You applied for a job, and out of all the other applicants, you’ve been selected to move forward to the interview process. This is a huge deal, so be very proud of yourself. Hopefully, you’ll get the job, but if not, this is still a great honor and an incredible learning experience. First things first… Read more »

Three Difficult Questions to Prepare For in the Interview Process


The best hiring managers are extremely selective. They know the job on their team is important, and they’re not willing to settle for anything less than the perfect candidate. Consequently, they ask some pretty tough interview questions, because only the right person will keep their cool in the hot seat. Prove you’re the best person… Read more »

How to Answer the World’s Weirdest Interview Questions


Before a job interview, you spend hours crafting and rehearsing responses to commonly asked questions, so it’s always rattling when the hiring manager throws you a curveball. Many employers enjoy asking incredibly strange interview questions as a way to see how quickly you think on your feet and to get a genuine, unscripted response. While… Read more »